Dipak Fabrication

Perth's Roller Shutter Specialist

Dipak Fabrication

Perth's Roller Shutter Specialist


Dipak Fabrication is a West Australian owned and operated company specializing in the manufacturing and installation of residential and commercial Roller Shutters in Perth.

About Our Company

We have an experience in the industry for over 20+ years with providing the best high quality roller shutters and outdoor blinds for our customers in Perth.

Reasons to get our Roller Shutters for your home!


Our Roller Shutters are made from high quality durable aluminium and provide safety, security and peace of mind for you and your family.


With our premium Roller Shutters, you can block out your windows and have maximum privacy in your house with the click of a button!


Our Roller Shutters are filled with top grade dense foam which provide a great amount of insulation for your home which means not only can you control the temperature of your home regardless of the weather or season, but you will also save money on your bills due to reduced needs of heaters or aircons!

Reduced Outside Noise

Our Roller Shutters can also help those who live near busy roads or streets where there is a lot of noise. Our Roller Shutters assist in reducing the outside noise so that you can be relaxed in your home.

Some of Our Products

Customer Reviews

"We used Dipak Fabrication to supply and install roller shutters. Fantastic customer service and quality shutters. Pricing was very affordable compared to some of the bigger companies. Would definitely recommend."
Janet E
"We recently had 9 roller shutters installed by this company. They provided a service that you don't find often. We would highly recommend them. The shutters where measured, made and fitted within two weeks. BRILLIANT!!!"
Linda G

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